Frequently Asked Questions


When promotion ends on 28 July 2019, all non-winning SMS and online entries will be pooled together to be selected for the Grand Live Draw Event. We will conduct a computerised draw on 29 July 2019 at 9am at SPH News Centre Lobby (1000 Toa Payoh North) and invite the shortlisted participants to participate in the Grand Live Draw Event on 17 August 2019. The same person may be picked up to a maximum of 3 times, based on different receipts.

At the Grand Live Draw Event, participants will have to take part in a simple Challenge. The Challenge will determine the prize that they stand to win. At the stipulated Live Draw time, prize presenters will be invited on stage to pick winners for the different prizes from the pool of entries. Winners must be present to collect their prizes personally at the Grand Live Draw Event.

Shortlisted participants will be informed via SMS from Wednesday, 31 July to 2 August 2019. Each shortlisted participant will be informed on the specific time to attend the Grand Live Draw Event. This is to ensure better crowd control and to facilitate the signing-in.

Example of SMS message:
“You’ve been selected for SPH Love Life & Win Grand Live Draw for a simple challenge to determine the prize you stand to win; CARS & other great prizes! Be at Suntec City, Sat 17/8, 10am with IC & ORIGINAL receipt dated XXXX19 Amt: $XXX.XX. SMS “YES1” by tomorrow if you’re coming. Challenge is short but you must return at the draw time to witness the draw. Visit for info.”

Participants must have the original receipt; and the receipt date, place and amount of purchase must tally with the receipt details reflected in the SMS. If the receipt details are not the same, you will be disqualified. Participants must also bring their original NRIC or any proof of identity (with photo).

No. The shortlisted participant must take part in the Challenge himself/herself.

An exception will be made only if the person is sick or unfit to do the challenge and produces proof of his/her unfit state; or if he/she has a valid reason to be out of Singapore or is unable to attend the Grand Live Draw Event during the period. He/she can produce proof for his/her reason for absence. For e.g. 1) Reservist 2) Business Trip 3) Holiday Trip 4) Postnatal Confinement. The replacement must produce a duly endorsed authorisation letter detailing both the personal details of both shortlisted participant and the replacement.

If you are pregnant, we will allow a replacement for safety reasons. If the Challenge is not strenuous, a pregnant lady may still take part, depending on her state of health at time of the Grand Live Draw Event. If you produce a doctor’s letter to prove your unfitness, an immediate replacement will be allowed.

No. Our draw is based on SMS or online entries that fulfil the criteria of a minimum $30 purchase in a single receipt made at any SPH Love Life & Win participating partner. If the participant is below the age of 12, he/she must be accompanied by his/her legal guardian and can get his/her legal guardian to participate on his/her behalf. He/she needs to produce his/her birth certificate and his/her legal guardian’s NRIC.

Yes, this is to facilitate your registration for the Challenge.

No, the winners will be decided by the Challenge. There will be 61 prizes for winners of the Challenge, including the top prize of a Subaru or Nissan car. The challenge will determine the prize you stand to win. After you have successfully completed your Challenge, your entry will then be entered into a draw to vie for the particular prize. At the stipulated draw times, prize presenters will conduct the draws to determine the winners for the individual prizes.

No, you will be disqualified. You must participate in the Challenge, as it will determine the winners of the individual prizes.

We are unable to disclose the details in order to be fair to all the participants. However, we assure you that the Challenge will not be physically strenuous in any way.

The duration of the Challenge is very short. However, the total participation time (including registration, queuing up, playing the Challenge, prize-giving and etc.) may take about 1 to 2 hours. Upon your registration, you can immediately play the Challenge. Please return to the event venue at the stipulated draw time to find out if you are a winner.

The dress code is casual but you do not need to wear sports attire.

No queue number will be given. The Challenge is played on a first-come-first-served basis. After completing your Challenge, you may leave the venue to shop or dine. However, do ensure you are back before the stipulated draw time as all winners must be present to claim their prizes.

Yes. The Challenge will take less than 5 minutes for each person to complete (excluding queuing time, if any). After completing your Challenge, you may leave for your lunch break, but you must be back before the stipulated draw time.

Yes. We welcome supporters.

We will invite all the key media representatives to cover the event. Photographs and videos may be taken at the event, and published by the organiser, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (“SPH”) for publicity and promotional purposes. By participating in the Grand Live Draw Event, you agree and consent to SPH and its service provider(s) collecting, using and/or disclosing your picture, image and voice for the above purposes.


No, our draws are based on SMS or online entries that fulfill the criteria of a minimum $30 purchase in a single receipt made at any SPH Love Life & Win’s participating partners.

Please key in the name of the participating partner. For the list of the participating partners, please refer to the ‘Submit Entry’ tab.

There are 8 draws in total and 7 draws to be held at SPH News Centre Lobby, via a computerised draw. The final draw 8 will be held in the form of a Live Draw event on 17 August 2019.

Yes, non-winning entries will qualify for the subsequent draws and the Grand Live Draw. However, no participant can win more than once in the weekly draws.

You will NOT receive an automated failure delivery message from your telecommunication provider.

Yes, all tenant outlets at a participating partner are considered participating partners too. You will be eligible as long as your receipt indicates that the place of purchase is located at a participating partner. This includes supermarkets and food & beverage outlets. However, it excludes any hotel situated near the participating partner. For e.g. Pan Pacific Singapore, Marina Mandarin Singapore and Mandarin Oriental Singapore located near Marina Square. Any purchase made at the hotels are not eligible for the draws.

Yes, the purchase of tickets or any service is eligible as long as the accompanying receipt indicates that place of purchase is a participating partner of SPH Love Life & Win.

Electricity bills under Geneco are eligible. Not applicable to the rest stated above.

Yes, as long as the total spend for the goods or services amounts to a minimum sum of $30 in a single receipt. E.g. $35 payment by cash + $10 payment by voucher(s) = $45 (total spend)

No. You can send in your SMS or online submission anytime, as long as it is within the promotional period of 30 May 2019 to 28 July 2019. There is a closing date for each week’s draw and your SMS or online entry will be based on the date that you send in your SMS entry, instead of your date of purchase.

Yes, as long as you can produce the original printed or online receipt for verification should your entry be drawn.

You will not be allowed to take part in the lucky draw, as only participants with valid receipts are eligible.

Yes, a duplicate receipt is acceptable but it must be printed by the participating partner; i.e. the original printed copy and NOT a photocopy. The duplicate must show the name of participating partner, date of purchase and amount.

Yes. But ONLY if the place you shopped at is indicated on the charge slip/bill/statement. The date and amount of purchase must be the same as what you had entered in your SMS or online entry. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.

No. SMS or online entries must fulfil the criteria of a minimum $30 purchase in a single receipt.

Yes, after the on-site verification upon prize collection.

You will be contacted via the mobile number that you used to send your SMS or indicated in your online entry.

You will not be considered the winner until all the verification checks of your personal and receipt details have been made.

If a participant is unable to be contacted or fails to respond by the end of the next working day after the draw, he/she will be disqualified and another winner will be selected.